Vertical Gardening is all about growing vegetables and fruits in vertical spaces

Vertical Gardening is all about growing vegetables and fruits in vertical spaces. Not everyone has back yard garden space. Some only have a small patio and one or more walls or fences. This is ideal for vertical gardening. In order to be successful, you need to make sure the vertical garden is exposed to sun and that the garden can be supported by the wall or fence. Three ideas are:

The Gutter System Vertical Garden

In this type of garden, you have to hang different trays on the wall. Don’t forget to make a hole under each tray so that the surplus water can be drained. Choose the wall that is exposed to sunlight. You don’t want to grow plants that overpower the trays. Plant short or dwarf varieties. If you choose some plants that have heavy fruit, such as tomatoes, keep those plants on the lower trays. If some plants need support, you can use string and upright canes.

The Tray Herbs Vertical Garden

The trays need to be erected so that they receive lots of sunshine. It is important to anchor the trays securely to the wall or fence. Sometimes it may be necessary to construct a framework with strap supports for the trays. Make sure each tray is allowed to drain.

The Bottle Vertical Garden

The bottle vertical garden can be made with the help of disposable plastic bottles. For this, we will recommend you to choose 2 litre bottles all the same colour. Cut a large opening along the side of each bottle. Put 2 or 3 drainage holes on the opposite side of the opening. Fill the bottles with soil and plant various herbs and vegetables. Secure each bottle to the fence or wall or hang them with a strong string attached to the neck and the base. Choose a sunny wall or fence.

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