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Evergreen Shrub Trimming and Pruning Guide

Shrubs and hedging are eye catching your plants that help decorate and provide privacy to a property. They don’t require a whole lot of maintenance, but it is important to prune them so they can grow thicker and produce more blooms. It’s tempting to put it off for a time that’s most convenient for you, but that might not be the best time for the hedge or shrub.

Shrub Trimming:

When to prune depends on the type of shrubs plants that you have. However, it is always best to prune shrubs/hedges when they are young so you can start shaping them to grow in the direction you’d like them to grow.

How to Prune Shrubs:

Figure out what overall shape you want the evergreen shrub to be — avoid making the top wider than the base.

Remove all ofthe dead or damaged branches.

Thin out the areas that are too thick/overgrown removing sucker branches (small, fast-growing stems that grow from the base) and watersprouts (limbs that grow straight up). Cut along the branch above the new growth, or at the base.

Clear out some of the limbs towards the center of the shrub to allow light to get through to the center of the shrub.

Hedge clippers tend to be better for shrubs than electric trimmers. They are easier to maneuver and ensure cleaner cuts.

Never cut more than a third of the shrub. Once you’re done pruning, the new holes created will allow water and light to reach the center of the plant and encourage new growth! Happy and healthy evergreen shrubs make for beautiful, fuller plants that blume for longer.

Evergreen shrubs like Italian Cypress Trees should be pruned late in the year while they’re dormant for the best results. Flowering shrubs such as Orange Azalea Japanese Evergreen Shrubs are best pruned in the spring as soon as they bloom. Light trimming can be done throughout the year as well.

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