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Mini Bonsai for Beginners

Super-mini bonsai are only about an inch or so (3cm) tall but have huge appeal. Even though they’re tiny, they put out roots and grow just as a regular plant does.

What are Super-mini Bonsai?

Many people may know the word “bonsai” but aren’t really sure what it means. Before you start, it’s helpful to become familiar with the basics of bonsai. mini bonsai are Easy to manage, small and charming

Bonsai Tree can be divided into several categories depending on their size. Broadly speaking, they are usually divided as shown on the right, into large, medium and small sizes.


Among the small bonsai, the particularly tiny ones are called mini bonsai, mame (bean-size) bonsai and so on. Super-mini bonsai are even smaller than these.

The History of bonsai tree

Bonsai are said to have been brought to Japan from missions in the Sui and Tang dynasties (between the 6th and 10th centuries CE). During the Heian period (794–1185 CE), the aristocracy cultivated an appreciation of potted plants, and in the Kamakura period (1185–1333) various tree species and types of pots came into use.

In the Edo period (1603–1868), this appreciation spread from the daimyo (feudal lords) to the common townsfolk and it is thought that the term “bonsai” began to be used during this time.
Building on this, further developments in the Meiji period (1868–1912) led to the establishment of an intrinsically Japanese view of art that defines bonsai as we know it today: that is, “the expression of nature’s grandeur and beauty in a small vessel, and the appreciation of this.”
In recent years, particularly in the US, bonsai fans have rapidly increased in number.

Even in Japan, where until recently bonsai was commonly seen as a hobby for older people, it has become popular people of all ages. As they are easier to access than traditional bonsai, the creation of super-mini bonsai can be considered a natural development within the overall trend.

Making Super-mini Bonsai :

Although super-mini bonsai are much easier to create than larger bonsai, they cannot be completed in just a day or two. But the process is a big part of the appeal. Dedicate some time to making super-mini bonsai, appreciate their transformation and have fun as you go.

Start by growing a seedling :

The kinds of little potted plants used for super-mini bonsai are not sold in stores like the other Bonsai pot, so you will need to prepare them yourself. Broadly speaking, there are two ways to do this. The first is by taking cuttings and planting them in soil to encourage root growth. The other way is to grow plants from seed.

Some plants that are used for super-mini bonsai, such as ivy and other creepers and vines, can be used immediately after gathering, but for the most part, it takes anywhere from a month to a year until a plant grown from a cutting or from seed is ready for use.

Potted plants don’t have to be made into supermini bonsai straight away—it’s fine to grow some simply as potted plants. But if you have a few potted plants ready-grown, you can make as many supermini bonsai as you like, whenever you like.

Creating, growing and displaying your super-mini bonsai :

Once the seedlings have been propagated, it’s time to create super-mini bonsai, starting with transferring the plants into small pots. Regular bonsai require years to reach the stage where they can be displayed, but once super-mini bonsai have been transferred into their pots, they are complete. What’s more, they offer all the charms unique to bonsai, such as allowing their branches to be shaped and bearing flowers and fruit.
Watered daily, fertilized and disinfected regularly, and with proper maintenance of branches and roots, bonsai can be enjoyed for years. They are not common houseplants, though. They should be grown outdoors and, once potted, should spend as much time outdoors as weather and other conditions will allow

The fun of creating them

Part of bonsai’s special appeal is the process of guiding the trunk and other parts of the plant into whatever shape you like. It’s easy to get started on super-mini bonsai.

The fun of growing them

Left uncared for, super-mini bonsai immediately start to weaken, Properly looked after, they will grow for years, and their various changes over time will be a source of pleasure.

The fun of displaying them

Super-mini bonsai have a sweet appeal. They can be easily displayed to great effect in containers you have in hand such as small transparent cases and little dishes.

The more plants you line up, the more fun and varied the effect. Display them on window ledges, on top of shelves, in the kitchen and anywhere else you like.

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