Evergreen Shrubs was founded in Spring 2020. Our mission is to provide the best quality garden supplies at affordable prices. You can buy direct, dropship or through our trading partners.

The reason we exist is to support growers, nurseries and garden products help to shift online, sell their products at a reason at the right price to their target audienences. Our team can help get your business selling online, all you need to take care of the is logistics. We started a small ecommerce horticultural project in Manchester, UK. It became evident we could offer more by using our knowledge and technology to help other.

Should you wish to join us as a trading partner, reach out to us at hello@evergreenshrubs.co.uk. We do not charge any upfront fees, our fees are commission-based, payable monthly.

Evergreen Shrubs is a trading name of Rumbelows Ltd ( registration number: 12506192). We are a online aggregator of curated dropshipped products through our affiliate partners.

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