Fences & Fence Panels

Is the garden fence looking knackered and worn? Maybe it’s time to replace or rebuild it. Did you know you can save hundreds of pounds £££ replacing or building your fence vs hiring a tradesman to replace it?

Fence Panels and Garden Screens

Your garden is an extension of your personality. When you have guest around for dinner or a BBQ, do you want them looking at a tired old fence? No, we don’t think so! And, besides, come storm season that knackered old fence is likely to be blown down and cause you more unwanted stress.

Replace it, with a bit of good old elbow grease you can build a new fence on your own (or with socially distanced) help. Listed on our site are dozens of different fence types to suit your personality and tastes.

Choose from popular 6ft-high lap fencing panels, hit and miss fence panels and trellis fencing panelling. If your garden fencing doesn’t need to be 6ft-high then a lower picket fence is a better buy? Picket fencing is typically around 3ft/4ft in height.

If you have a walled back yard, then an Artificial Ivy Screening on Willow Trellis can bring in that natural vibe? Whatever your needs, we’re sure we have fences and fencing for your garden.

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