Flowering Plants

Shop for root flowering plants, potted flowers and bulbs. Treat your garden to a flare of natural colour. Flowering plants can bring colour to a garden of any size.

  • Camellia Tricolour

    Camellia Tricolour plant in a 15 cm pot


    • Camellia Plants are stunning low-maintenance hardy shrubs that present impressively large semi-double blooms often in vibrant colours which are complemented very well by the plant’s glossy dark green foliage. Easy to grow your own.
    • The Camellia tricolour Plant is the result of a unique growing concept of planting 3 different coloured camellias close together so that once they grow; they give the illusion of a single camellia plant baring 3 different flower colours. Really showy plants for the garden border.
    • Camellia Plants are brilliant plants for an outdoor acidic border but can also look spectacular as a specimen plant in a large container of edacious compost; the flowers can also even be cut for a vase to give you that extra colour inside the home. Perfect gardening gifts for a gardener.
    • Colourful garden Shrub camellia flowers; supplied as 1 x Camellia Tricolour plant in a 15 cm pot.


  • Daphne Odora Aureomarginata

    Daphne Odora Aureomarginata Flowering Perennial


    • The eye-catching Daphne Odora Aureomarginata makes for great sources of late winter and early spring colour.
    • Beautifully scented, these daphne plants provide fantastic visuals and smells.
    • Decorated with evergreen foliage, this flowering shrub is also great for patio containers!
    • Hardy perennial plant; supplied as 1 x Daphne Odora Aureomarginata plant in a 3.6L pot.


  • Climbing Clematis Plant

    Climbing Clematis Winter Flowering Plant


    • Clematis ‘Winter Beauty’ is a vigorous winter-flowering outdoor perennial climber, producing beautiful white flowers during winter. Easy to grow your own and fully hardy, perfect for growing outdoors in borders on trellis, arches or pergolas.
    • This fast-growing evergreen climber provides year-round cover and screening with lush, dense foliage. It’s easy to grow, perfect for low maintenance gardening, and reliable in most soils and conditions – perfect border perennials.
    • Highly prolific with elegant white bell-shaped flowers during winter and early spring, perfect for adding early-season interest to the garden.
    • Climbing garden plant; Supplied as 1 x Clematis ‘Winter Beauty’ plants in 7cm Pot


  • Clematis 'Nelly Moser' Hardy Climber Flowering Shrub

    Clematis ‘Nelly Moser’ Hardy Climber Flowering Shrub


    • Clematis ‘Nelly Moser’ Hardy Climber Flowering Shrub
    • Plant Height (Including Pot): 20 – 30cm
    • Characteristics: Hardy deciduous climber with mid-green foliage and distinctive large single flowers.
    • Growth & Spread: Ultimate height of 1 – 2m and spread of 0.5 – 1m.
    • Flourishing Season: Flowers bloom in early Summer with possible second bloom later in the Summer into Autumn.
    • The Clematis ‘Nelly Moser’ is a very attractive and resilient climbing shrub.



  • RED Azalea Japanese Shrub

    RED Azalea Japanese Shrub

    • Pot Size (Supplied): 9cm Pot
    • Plant height (Including Pot): 20 – 30cm
    • Characteristics: This deciduous shrub has a bushy habit, boasting fiery-red coloured flowering in Spring and Summer and mid-green foliage all-year-round.
    • Growth & Spread: Ultimate height and spread of 0.5 – 1m. It will take 5-10 years for the Azalea to reach this peak growth.
    • Period of Interest: The Spring and Summer months are when this Azalea will produce striking red flowers that are extremely eye-catching. The mid-green foliage is an all-year-round feature, with the only months of non-solitary growth coming during the traditionally warmer seasons.
  • Azalea 'Orange Beauty' Japanese Evergreen Shrub

    Azalea ‘Orange Beauty’ Japanese Evergreen Shrub

    • Pot Size (Supplied): 9cm Pot
    • Plant height (Including Pot): 20 – 30cm
    • Characteristics: Evergreen shrub with a bushy habit. The shrub has a year-round feature in its slick dark green leaves which are joined in late-Spring by bold and eye-catching reddish-orange flowering.
    • Growth & Spread: Ultimate height and spread of 0.5 – 1m. It should take the Azalea 10-20-year to reach this mature growth.
    • Period of Interest: The only ever-present of this shrub is the green foliage. Whilst it stays throughout every season, the Azaleas stunning reddish-orange flowers appear in late-Spring as Summer rolls in.
  • Orange Azalea Japanese Evergreen Shrub

    Orange Azalea Japanese Evergreen Shrub

    • Pot Size (Supplied): 9cm Pot
    • Plant height (Including Pot): 20 – 30cm
    • Characteristics: Deciduous shrub with a bushy habit. Its mid-green foliage is joined by vibrant reddish-orange flowering in Spring.

    These bright and colourful Orange Azalea Japonicas are extremely attractive and are sure to bring an outstanding pop of colour to any garden. They will bring out their best colour in the period of Spring through to Autumn when the mid-green foliage is accompanied by the striking orange flowers this Azalea has to offer. These shrubs are best to be planted in borders or beds within a garden in order for them to show off their best features.

  • Strelitzia

    Strelitzia Indoor House Plant | Pot Size: 12cm

    • Pot Size: 12cm (Image for Illustration purposes – supplied in growers pot)
    • Height Supplied (Inc. Pot): 40-50cm
    • Suitable For: Office Plant, Indoor Plant, House Plant, Conservatory Plant, Windowsill Plant; Birthday Gift, Anniversary Gift, Retirement Gift, Living Gift, Wedding Gift, Wedding Favor.
    • Please be advised that the supplied plant is an artificial ‘Strelitzia’ with organic leaves and one stem.

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