4ft Flamingo Willow 4L Pot Salix Integra Hakuro Nishiki


  • Architectural tree with stunning variegated foliage perfect for small gardens
  • Most species of willow are native to the UK, and the species that aren’t are from far colder regions, so the UK’s mild winters will not affect your tree.
  • Willow trees benefit from being planted in full sun. Planting your tree in a sheltered spot will allow the tree to put more resources into flowering.
  • Key is to regularly water newly-planted trees, at least bimonthly for two months. It is also important to ensure you choose a location where your tree has enough space, which you can calculate from a variety’s eventual height and spread.
  • All trees arrive in a specially made, extra thick, cardboard box with a clamp to hold the pot in place at the bottom of the box. This prevents any movement during transit, keeping your plant safe.

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Flamingo Willow - Salix Integra Hakuro Nishiki

4ft Flamingo Willow 4L Pot Salix Integra Hakuro Nishiki