Azalea ‘Orange Beauty’ Japanese Evergreen Shrub


  • Pot Size (Supplied): 9cm Pot
  • Plant height (Including Pot): 20 – 30cm
  • Characteristics: Evergreen shrub with a bushy habit. The shrub has a year-round feature in its slick dark green leaves which are joined in late-Spring by bold and eye-catching reddish-orange flowering.
  • Growth & Spread: Ultimate height and spread of 0.5 – 1m. It should take the Azalea 10-20-year to reach this mature growth.
  • Period of Interest: The only ever-present of this shrub is the green foliage. Whilst it stays throughout every season, the Azaleas stunning reddish-orange flowers appear in late-Spring as Summer rolls in.

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The Azalea Orange Beauty is very pleasing on the eye, making them one of the most attractive shrubs to place in any garden. The preferred location for this Azalea is in garden borders or beds in order to see that exquisite pop of colour light up the garden. The striking orange colour of these shrubs will come together as Spring turns to Summertime.

When planting this Azalea, it should be done in moist, well-drained soil, making sure to give it frequent watering in those warmer months during Spring and Summer. Partial shade will be best for it, with direct sunlight not favoured by the evergreen Azalea.

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Azalea 'Orange Beauty' Japanese Evergreen Shrub

Azalea 'Orange Beauty' Japanese Evergreen Shrub