Passiflora ‘Caerulea’ Semi-Evergreen Hardy Shrub


  • Pot Size (Supplied): 9cm
  • Supplied Height (incl. pot): 20-30cm
  • Characteristics: Semi-evergreen, climber with twining tendrils, dark green leaves & flowers with blue/purple filaments
  • Height & Spread: Grows to around 12m in height, spreads to 4 metres wide

Passiflora ‘Caerulea’ is a vigorous climbing semi-evergreen shrub that can grow anywhere between 8m and 12m. The foliage of this variety consists of dark green leaves, coupled with flowers that grow to 8cm wide, the flowers are made up of colorful coronal filaments of blue, purple, and white, and they develop fruits in autumn/winter that are attractive to birds.

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Passiflora 'Caerulea' Shrub

Passiflora 'Caerulea' Semi-Evergreen Hardy Shrub